Electronic Percussion Systems


Just as an artist cannot be without a quality brush, easel and paints, a musician cannot be without a high-quality and reliable instrument. If a guitarist can collect several guitar models during his career and periodically change them, then for a drummer the choice of a kit is a very responsible one, because he will play on such a kit for more than one year. LuxPRO online store provides customers with quality acoustic systems, but also exceptional instruments, among which are electronic drum kits.

Benefits of an electronic drum kit

An electronic drum kit has a number of advantages: compactness, flexible sound processing, advanced sound capabilities, and low playing noise. The entire kit with its stands and pads usually folds up and fits in a box or case, and can be easily transported on any mode of transportation if desired. The weight of this box is 20 to 30 kg. The unit can be used both at home and at concerts. It does not need to be buzzed in, you just need to connect it to a console and an amplifier line. Sound module from electronic drum kit can be used together with acoustic kit equipped with triggers (sound pickups), i.e. to process sound with effects and use internal drum sets.

Types of electronic drums

There are the following varieties of electronic drum kits, which differ in their use, capabilities and purpose:

  1. Drum modules with built-in pads. Drum modules are nodes that are responsible for shaping and processing the sound signal. The controller may have inputs and outputs for analog and digital signals, connectors for external sound devices and pads (4 to 8), as well as a metronome, recording device and more.
  2. Percussion controllers are very similar to drum modules, but are used to play by hand. There can be several pads, or one, but then certain parts of it are responsible for a particular sound.
  3. Electric drums (digital drums, electronic percussion) are several pads instead of drums and cymbals, and a pedal with a sensor (it is possible to connect several pedals or additional pads, depending on the capabilities of the controller). The possibilities of assignment, sound processing or completeness of the unit itself are almost unlimited here.

Electronic drum kits: features of the model range

The presented model variants of electronic drum kits are represented by the most famous brands-manufacturers of musical instruments. Here you can find drums from Yamaha, Roland and other reputable brands. The main advantage of electronic drums is the ability to play your favorite music, even in apartments. You can tune the drums in such a way that the game will be absolutely silent in appearance, but you will hear everything with the help of your headphones.

Among the main features of the range of electronic drum kits are the following characteristics:

  • electronic drum kits are presented in complete model variants, where you will find all the necessary drumming attributes: snare drums, hi-hats, crashes, rides, etc;
  • electronic drum sets are represented in models where you can set all kinds of modes of play: hard rock, metal, dub-step and many others;
  • more than four hundred timbres will provide you with the most varied playing, allowing you to create a real musical masterpiece;
  • high quality materials from which the drums are made in electronic versions will allow you to use the instrument for many years.
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