High-quality Sound in the Car

High-quality Sound in the Car

Some motorists can’t imagine driving a car without their favorite music. Modern cars usually have high quality audio equipment, but if one owns an older model of car or is buying a used model, it may be necessary to upgrade the audio system. Let’s look at ways to improve the quality of music in your car: car speakers, car stereo, 4 channel car amplifier.

When the owner of a decent-sounding home audio system spends a lot of time driving, sooner or later he also pays attention to the regular audio in his car. And he comes to the conclusion that the car manufacturer lied, promising him a good sound, and sometimes even spiced up the promise with some well-known nameplate. The standard question that comes up is, “What can be done to make the stock car sound good?”

Under the term “sound normal” everyone usually understands something different. For someone it is enough just to increase undistorted volume, and someone tries to get closer to home High End. However, home principles do not work in the car anyway. At least because the acoustic properties of a car saloon are completely different from the room. There are no speakers here as such, and the speakers are placed by a principle “where there is space, there we put it”. There is nothing to speak about acoustic registration for them – the elements of car’s construction play its role. In general, there is nothing in common with “home”.

Replacing your car stereo

The car stereo is the center of music and sound control in the car and its quality is not without significance. Depending on how one wants to listen to music, one can choose a model equipped with a CD/DVD drive or a USB connector, or a model that combines both of these functions.

IMPORTANT. There are special adapters that allow you to connect your phone to the radio via Bluetooth.

Car Speakers

It is the speakers that will have the biggest impact on the sound quality in the car. The most popular models are two-channel speakers – a set of two speakers that can reproduce sounds of different frequencies. In turn, more demanding audiophiles can take advantage of four component speakers, which include: 2 bass speakers and 2 tweeters. Replacing the speakers yourself is very easy, you just need to connect the appropriate cables, installing the speakers in the right places.

IMPORTANT. If you decide to use loud speakers, you should think about soundproofing.

Car amplifier

Although every radio has a built-in amplifier, it will not guarantee the same sound quality as a separate unit. Four-channel amplifiers that give you the ability to connect additional equipment, such as a subwoofer, are best.

Before buying, however, pay attention to parameters such as: RMS. Maximum power of the amplifier, SNR, which determines how loud the noise of the amplifier is, bass amplification options or 4 , 3, 2-channel modes , allowing you to send power to one or more speakers.


Only a true music lover is able to appreciate quality equipment. For the rest of the people will be sufficient equipment of the budget and the average class. If you install professional audio equipment, you will need to make some structural changes in the body of the vehicle.

Also, in this case it is worth paying attention to quality soundproofing. Otherwise, at high speed the sound will be drowned out by what is happening outside the car.

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