Learning to Play the Guitar is Easy


This article is dedicated to guitarists, or rather to those beginners who just want to learn to play the guitar and do not dare. It should be noted that learning to play the guitar is not as difficult as learning to play the piano, flute or violin.

Of course, here we mean to play by beat (rhythm) and not by notes, because the second one needs to learn a lot. As stated in the title of the article, a very large number of songs with the guitar are played on simple 4 chords and with elementary beats (rhythms), which an adult is able to master in a few hours.

Another advantage of playing the guitar: it is a conditionally independent and mobile musical instrument. You can’t play only, say, drums, bass, violin, saxophone and sing at the same time. Such songs would not be complete, so to speak. Some songs can be perfectly sung on one guitar or piano. Plus, you can take your guitar with you everywhere: outdoors, at a party, or on a camping trip.

You don’t have to start with music theory or sheet music to learn the guitar! Any adult can learn to play a simple song on the guitar. It is advisable to help children: with advice, a kick in the butt, or a private teacher. When there was no internet, chords to songs had to be picked up by yourself or borrowed from advanced comrades. This was a whole problem for beginner guitarists, because only experienced musicians with experience are able to do it, just like tuning a guitar by ear.

In addition, picking a beat for a difficult song can also take a lot of effort. But there are no such problems now! There are millions of video tutorials on YouTube for any purpose, including playing musical instruments. These video tutorials are made with really experienced guitar players, who show in detail and intelligibly all the nuances of this or that song on the guitar with chords and the original beat. And all this is absolutely free! That’s all a simple person needs to learn to play the guitar – video lessons to your favorite and popular songs.

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