A Few Ways to Make Your Electronic Drum Kit Quieter


Electronic drum kits allow the musician to play at his or her own pleasure. After all, they have a volume control, and the drum sounds they make are virtually inaudible, especially if the drummer is practicing with headphones on. But drumsticks somehow make noise, which can disturb vigilant neighbors and become a serious problem.

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways to make your electronic drum kit quieter.

Reducing the sound from drum kit sticks

The main problem when playing an electronic drum kit is the sound of sticks hitting the drum and cymbals. Mesh heads absorb some of the noise, but it’s hard to call them silent, especially if you have rubber spacers in your kit – the noise from them is really harsh. It is better in this case to use special silicone tips. Thanks to them the sound will become more muffled and less bright.

Reducing the noise of the bass drum

The biggest source of noise is the bass drum. After all, it is on the floor, which means it creates vibration. First of all, it is worth advising to make noise insulation of the room where the playing takes place. This is where a special noise-canceling sheet comes in handy. It is made of vinyl and is designed specifically for lining walls, ceilings and floors. The sheet is very flexible and versatile and can be painted in any color.

Special noise insulation kits for electronic drum sets

If you don’t like messing around with building materials, you can resort to the Roland NE-10 noise isolation platform, the Advance Acoustics Isolation Kit or the Auralex HoverMat. The NE-10 is a special noise isolation platform for use with V-Drums bass drum pads and hi-hat stands. Multi-layer rubber pads provide excellent noise isolation and reliability. The platform is easy to use and does not affect playability. The Advance Acoustics Isolation Kit is designed to work similarly to the Roland NE-10 platform. The Auralex HoverMat is a lightweight acoustic isolation mat for drum machines. The HoverMat combines a sheet block with a fabric drum mat, it is easy to use, easy to roll up, suitable for rehearsals and concerts.

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