Tips for Transporting Pianos Properly


Sooner or later every piano owner is faced with the need to transport his instrument. Transporting a piano is a very troublesome task and should not be trusted to ordinary movers. The proper transportation of your musical instrument depends on its appearance and musical “health”, especially the sound. That is why it is necessary to approach to this question responsibly.

How to transport pianos properly?

The average weight of an acoustic piano is 150 kilograms (sometimes more), it is important to consider that the instrument is very fragile and even a small mistake can turn into a ruined look or, worse, a serious constructional failure, which would be very difficult and expensive to fix.

Carriers should have special devices for transportation

Professional transportation cannot be cheap, because it requires special equipment and a lot of experience in this business. Special straps, a dolly for overcoming thresholds and long distances, and other devices are used when transporting. Good movers take care of preserving the exterior of the piano as well as the integrity of corners and furniture in the room where the instrument is moved.

Choose the Best Piano Transporter

Call a few numbers to decide on a moving company. Ask about the movers’ approach to transportation, experience, what kind of equipment they will use when transporting the piano. Good movers often have a lot of requests, and it is necessary to agree with them in advance.

Determine in advance where to place the piano in its new location. Make sure it meets the requirements.

Be sure to determine the location of the musical instrument. The distance to the heating devices should be at least one and a half meters. It is best not to place the piano close to windows, doors and exterior walls. Drafts, dampness or direct sunlight will upset the instrument and reduce its life. Carefully measure the tool and the place where you plan to place it. Also make sure that the piano can fit in the space provided for it without obstacles and that there is enough space around it to allow the movers to carry it.

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